Meadville Lions Club
Established 1924
Thursday, November 5, 2015
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Lion Jean Weber

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November Newsletter

From The King Lion’s Korner

(Jean Weber)

Happy Thanksgiving, Fellow Lions Club Members!  

I realize it's a little early for these greetings, but I firmly believe that we should count our blessings each and every day and NOT wait for just one day (Thanksgiving) to do so.  I hope all of you have been able to enjoy the beautiful leaves and scenery that we have had recently.  I'm afraid that all the rain and wind in the last few days have probably put us past the prime time for viewing the leaves.  Even so, there's much beauty to see all around us.  

We will be having many opportunities to serve this month – starting off right away with exercising our privilege to vote in the election on Nov. 3.  We should be thankful that we have the freedom to vote!  

We'll be working at the Meadville Soup Kitchen helping those who are less fortunate and need assistance.  We should be thankful that most of us have ample amounts of food to eat each day!  

Please consider donating blood on Nov. 10 at Active Aging at our Annual Blood Drive.  We never know when we might be in need of a pint of blood!  We should be thankful that many people in our community are willing to take time to donate!  Will YOU be one of them?  

Nov. 10 is also our monthly Eye Screening at Active Aging  for those in our community who need assistance in obtaining eye glasses.  We should be thankful that we have ample funds to be able to help so many!  

Nov. 19 will be a very busy day for Meadville Lions!  We will have our Thanksgiving Dinner and will be honored to have our District Governor attending.  Please make every effort to attend this special meeting.  

Later that day we will be helping to put up the Christmas decorations in downtown Meadville and then enjoy a meal at Post 52.  By that time “our” 3 trees at the entrance to Meadville will be lit and will provide a warm welcome to residents and visitors.  We should be thankful for the  fact that we can brighten lives of many in our community.  

Many of our members have experienced health problems recently.  We should be thankful for members who are concerned about each other and really care.

 I'm especially thankful that our Vice President Sharon and others will be “stepping up to the plate” and assisting me while I'm recovering from knee surgery!  

Thank you, Lions, for all that you do to serve!     

From your thankful

King Lion Jean

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October  5th    -  Jeanine Tye

October 19th   -   Thanks Giving                             Dinner

                District Governor Visit

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Regular Meeting

Wesbury at Noon

Thanks Giving

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Nov 10th  Blood Drive at Active                  Aging

Nov 10th   Eye Screening at

                  Active  Aging

Nov 19th   Thanks Giving Dinner

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Dec 5th    Ring the Bell Salvation                  Army

Dec 13th   Lions Christmas Party

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