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Established 1924
Thursday, April 3, 2014
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King Lion Judy Schumaker

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King Lion’s


April 2014

Dear Fellow Lions,

I hope everyone who attended 90th anniversary of our club enjoyed themselves. Thanks again to those who helped plan the event and did all the work to make it happen--PDG s Hollern,Ladner, and Salak , and lions Sharon, Joyce, Arden, Barb, Larry, Eleanor, Mary Lynn, Jeanine, Alberta, Linda, Bill, Jean, and her husband, Brian Weber, Thanks again to guest speaker, International Director Cindy Gregg, and her husband PDG Tom Gregg for attending this momentous event. ID Cin-dy presented to PDG John Salak an International President's Award, Certificate of Appreciation from IP Barry Palmer, as well as the Lions of Pennsylvania Foundation , Joe Roblewski Awards to PDGs David Hollern and Scott Ladner. These last awards are similar to a Melvin Jones Fellow but at a higher level.

Congratulations to all of our PDGs for they have certainly earned their awards many times over. In addition, International Director Gregg gave each awards recipient one of her personal banners. Incidentally, I received a Melvin Jones Fellow. Now I know what it takes to get one of them and believe me it isn't easy. It is challenging, and requires dedica-tion, responsibility, accountability, focus, planning, vision, courage and so many more qualities that challenge us to do our best.

Thank you for those who voted to award me with this honor. I feel very privileged to join those of you who have received one previously, and will cherish it all my days.

Thanks also to all lions who donated items for the Chinese auction. Your generosity helped produce an amazing table of raffle prizes and I'm sure the Ladners were happy to see them unclut-ter their home! Did you notice all the signage produced by Lion Arden? He must have been burning the midnight oil.... Then there is Lion Bill McDonald. What can we say except that even as our second- oldest member, he is still a real professional showman. When he sat at that piano, his fingers flew like they were on fire!

Looking forward to April, our emphasis of activities changes from fund raising and service projects to that of attending conventions. We also wind up the final quarter of the Lions' year with club and community evaluations. We will still have some service projects operating such as eye screening, Pediavision screenings and highway cleanup. Broom sales should pick up if every-one pitches in and makes an effort. They are not hard to sell.

Doggone it, ---cold wind, hard rain, no sun again--- winter just doesn't want to go away! Regardless, it is time according to the calendar to get out and celebrate spring. Why not eat a meal at a local Lions club pancake fundraiser and invite others to join you? I don't know about you, but I am craving a big, fat buckwheat cake! In order to pick up my spirits, I've also been googling everything I can think of regarding Easter and the thing that caught my inter-est was special Lions Easter Egg hunts and Easter crafts for children with disabilities. There are Easter eggs that beep and talk and chirp so children who can't see can follow the sounds emitted to find their eggs. There are Easter paint recipes made with jello for children to smell as they paint. There are textured eggs made from string and glue for them to feel and pans of rice for eggs to be hidden in. There are eggs covered with cereal, macaroni, rice and similar items for them to make. What will they think of next?

Oh, I almost forgot, I had an eye- opening visit while on my Florida vacation by spending time with a 70 year-old widow and her only child, her 43 year-old autistic daughter. My awareness of the life-long effects of birth defects on a parent as well as the child as they both age , was enhanced. The need for such children to become as independent as possible was so apparent during the short time I observed their interaction. The education of both parent and child does make a great difference in their lives. Since this experience reinforced my personal commitment to help others who have to live with vision, hearing or other communication issues, I believe it was NOT coincidence .....

Happy Easter,

Lion Judy


Upcoming  April

Lions Functions

April 1st    TUESDAY

Pediavision Screening at Seton School

April 2nd  WEDNESDAY

Wesbury Donor Recognition Lunch.

April 3rd    THURSDAY

Wesbury, noon luncheon meeting.

Pancakes at Jamestown Lions until 7.00pm

April 8th     TUESDAY

Rainbow Connection Pediavision

Active Aging, Applications

April 10th    THURSDAY

Lions Board Meeting, 5.30pm Vietnam Post #52

April 12th  SATURDAY

CEP (Club Excellence Program) Meeting Ainsworth Offices.

10.00am, PDG Day in charge, deadline to register for District Convention.

April 17th    THURSDAY

Wesbury, noon luncheon meeting. Cup Cake Lady

April 20th    SUNDAY


April 26th    SATURDAY

District 14-F Convention, Cross Creek Resort

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Regular Meeting

Wesbury at Noon Program



Dinner 5:30 p.m.

At Post 52

Meeting to Follow



Regular Meeting

Wesbury at Noon

Internation Convention Toronto Canada 2014

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Club Excellence Process.

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  April 3rd       Donna Stimpson

  April 17th   Joyce Ladner

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