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January 5       Jeanine Tye

January 19     Alvin Nguyen    

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VFW Post 52

************************ 1/19/2017

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 Mid January is the DEADLINE to sign up for the Bus to the 2017 Lion’s International Centennial  Convention.         

Please see Mike Downing

April 22nd  District Convention

    Riverside Inn, Cambridge Springs



 Hello from sunny Florida!

To all our Lions family, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has a healthy 2017.      

 I want to thank everyone for all your help on selling the nuts and candy at Valesky’s, Tractor Supply, and privately to friends, family and co-workers.  

 Also, a big thank you to PDG Dave, PDG Scott and Lion Larry for all the work that was done on this fundraiser.  A lot of time and effort went into getting this off the ground again this year.  I don’t have all the numbers at this time but I know we have made a good profit.      

Thank you to VP Lion Diane for stepping in for me so we can enjoy our new house in sunny Florida for three months.  Please give her your help and support as I know you will.

 If anyone needs to reach me, please don’t hesitate.  My cell phone is 814-282-1262 or email me at

 The first meeting in January will be the 5th.   Let Diane know if you will be coming.  Our guest will be Lion Therese Wheaton with her newest Leader Puppy, Harold.  I have seen pictures of him and wow, he is a darling.  You won’t be disappointed.

 January 9-14th is International World Wide week of service to the hungry.  At the first meeting in January, please bring in bags of food for us to donate to the soup kitchen.

 Also, that week I would like someone to help at the Food Pantry on Monday and Thursday from 9-12.    

 Next month, February 3rd will be our turn at the Soup Kitchen again.  Please help VP Diane by signing up to help.  We need 6 people.   

The State Council meeting will be the first weekend in February at the Avalon Hotel in Erie.  Our district, 14-F, is hosting this statewide meeting.  If anyone could volunteer to help in any way they can it would be appreciated.   We will need help at the registration desk, selling tickets for the basket raffles, and anywhere else they can use us.  Please see PDG Scott to volunteer.  There will be Lions from all over the State of Pennsylvania and our district.  

We are planning to fly up from Florida for the weekend to participate.      

Stay safe and warm up North.  The temperature here today is a cold 83 degrees!  Bubba is sunning himself on the bank across from us on the other side of the pond. Gracie is not happy and has not settled very well yet.  We are hoping she will soon.

 Take care and we will be in touch.

 KL Sharon

Sharon Hollern