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From The King Lion’s Korner

(Sharon Hollern)

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    "Come and help make our Community a better place to live" .................................................................................... WE SERVE........................................................................ "Come and help make our Community a better place to live"

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February 2       Cindy Fiorillo

February 17     PDG Dave Hollern    

February Club Meetings



Regular Meeting

Wesbury at noon

Guest Speaker

By Cindy Fiorillo




Board Meeting

VFW Post 52

************************ 2/17/2017

Regular Meeting

Wesbury at noon

Guest Speaker

By PDG Dave Hollern



Upcoming Events               

  • Soup Kitchen 2/3/17
  • State Council Meeting in Erie at the Avalon Hotel 2/3/17 and 2/4/17
  • April 22nd  District Convention

             Riverside Inn, Cambridge                     Springs



Happy February from Florida!

 Hope everyone is staying healthy.  I know there has been a lot of flu and respiratory viruses going around.  Be careful and use hand sanitizer!     

 I would like to welcome our new member, Chad Adams!  

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and feel free to sign up for any of the projects that might interest you.  It is great to have you as a member.      A big Thank You to all for helping VP Lion Diane.  I know she appreciates it and is doing a fantastic job filling in for me.  Thank you so much Lion Diane.  Without you I would not have been able to get our house down here set up with some furniture and enjoy the sun and warm weather.

 Although, today as I write this, it is only 60 and was 48 when we got up and went to church earlier.      Thank you so much to all who donated food and helped pass out grocery bags at the food pantry in January.  Besides doing this, our club was also able to donate $1000 to the Soup kitchen.  This was all done in conjunction with International Lions Clubs call for a World Wide Week of Service for Hunger the week of Jan 9 – 15.  Thank you again to our club members for helping.

 Speaking of the Soup Kitchen, our turn to help is this Friday, Feb 3.  Please let VP Diane know if you can help.     

 The State Council meeting is this weekend, Feb 3rd and 4th in Erie at the Avalon Hotel on W. 10th St.  There will be a Free Hospitality night on Friday evening and a banquet on Saturday night.  This is a great opportunity to see what we do at a State Council Meeting 4 times a year.  It won’t be this close again for quite a while.  Usually we must go clear across the state.  PDG Dave and I are flying home on Thursday afternoon to attend the weekend and flying back to Florida on Tuesday.  There will be many baskets to raffle.  Consider coming and representing our Club. Would love to see many of our members there.    

  The District Convention is also coming up April 22nd.  It will be held a little closer at the Riverside Inn this year.  Please consider coming and seeing what our District is all about.  There will also be baskets to raffle again.  The Lions love to raffle baskets and they are usually very nice.  See PDG Scott for more information.   

The Dinner in the Dark will be held at the Riverside Inn on May 6th this year.  We had a fantastic time the last two years and will be well worth your time.  More information will be coming in the future.     

 The meetings this month are Feb 2nd and Feb 16th .  Mark your calendars and be sure to let VP Diane know if you can come to the meetings.  Hope to see you at the Council Meeting in February. If not, we will see you in March.

We Serve,

King Lion Sharon

Sharon Hollern